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Penguin Productions has over 50 years of combined dejay and emcee talent, hiring only the best and most talented professionals in the industry. Passion and drive fuel Penguin Productions to provide entertaining and memorable DJ services for any event. 


 DJ Super Mario's career in music was sparked in 2004 after following in his cousin's footsteps of mixing music. Since then, he has been organizing and collecting various types of music in order to stay competitive in the DJ scene we see today, while along the way meeting artists and celebrities he had only imagined of meeting. 

      DJ Super Mario has been providing DJ services since early 2005 and is available for hire for any type of event. His music choices range from Top 40 to Hip Hop, House, and Oldies. His techniques have allowed him to experiment with a wide range of music selections, which can be catered to fit any event and guaranteed to get his crowd up and dancing!

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